Hola Amigos! 

We have had the awesome opportunity to participate in 2 of Chef Won Kim’s home brew events. If you have been in attendance to any of them, you know this guy knows how to put on a party! With that said, I present to you Kim’s next endeavor: Iron Brew, a home brew competition! 

What started as 40 brewers has been cut down to 20, those 20 will duke it out for a chance to win the grand prize of being flown out to Escondido, CA  to brew with Stone Brewing Co! Second and third place prizes aren’t too shabby either, second place brews with Two Brothers Brewing Co, and I think 3rd prize gets  a shit load of beer from both amazing breweries. I’ll take any of the above please! 

Come out and root us on as we will be pouring our homebrew “Porter Jumper”. We will also bring a couple other batches by for you all to sample. We wont be the only ones pouring, the other 19 brewers will be also so come get your fill! 

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The Sound of Smoke Vol.1

Hola Amigos! Just want to make you all aware of an event being put on by our good buddy Josh from Powell Brew House. This event will feature 4 bands, awesome food and beers from 8 amazing home brewers from Chicago.This event will take place at Tesa Cigar Co on July 28th from 2 to 7pm. 


More details below: 


The Sound Of Smoke Music Series, Vol 1. 

presented by TESA Cigar Co.
in part with 18th Street Brewery & Powell Brew House Presents:

This is a private event, so follow the link in the email to reserve your spot for $25 (space is limited).
…and here’s what will be in store for you

- 4 Bands 
- Cigar Specials/Pairings
- Food provided by Chef Andrew Dering
- Home Brew and BYOB friendly
- All the samples your gullet can handle

TESA Cigar Co. is located at:
1039 West Lake Street Chicago, IL 60622 
Which is just steps from the Morgan green Line stop

Don’t be late, music will start promptly at 2:15pm!

Band Schedule:

You Black Kettle @ 2:15 
Poor Elvis @ 3:15 
The Brothers Goforth @ 4:15 
The Jordan Years @ 5:15 

Photographic evidence of this event will be provided by Tommy Territt Photography.

Questions? @

Hope to see you there! Salud!

Blurry Mitten Tour

     Hello and salud to all our fellow beeraholics!  The members of Corazon have been hard at work in the hop lab these passed couple of months and also very hard at work developing our own beer pallets.

     We have been fortunate enough to partake and participate in a good amount of beer events through out the city; from roasting pigs at Arts N’ Drafts to tippin’ them back at Beer under Glass.  On one particular occasion though, we decided to take an eventful stroll through the “LP” of the great beer state of Michigan to make our own private beer event.  I dubbed it the “blurry mitten” tour, after that universal back-of-the-hand technique that any Michigan-raised individual uses to describe the location of every Michigan city.

     The trip can also be considered a tribute to the historic journey that sparked the idea of Corazon almost exactly a year earlier.  The voyage was mapped and timed out to perfection as to not let any chugging time go to waste.  According to trusty ol’ Google, the trip ending up being 723 miles long, which is the same as driving from Chicago to Atlanta.  Any beer geek should be red with envy.  Some stops were lesser known breweries, and others were staples at any tap room in Chicago, each offering a unique atmosphere and their own manner of presenting their liquid gold.

Here is a big gulp of what we experienced throughout our trip in chronological order:

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Cinco de Mayo Pig Roast

Hola amigos! On Saturday May 5th our very own A-dro along side Ian from Rude Boy Brewing System will be roasting a 100 pound pig for this shin dig being put on by our buddy Josh from Powell Brew House
More details and RSVP info provided below the awesome flier, don’t miss out! 
pig roast

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It’s not you…it’s me.

Dear Miller Lite,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have moved on from our long and hazy relationship.  I appreciate all the happy times that we shared over the passed 13 years or so, but I have to be honest with my “Corazon”.

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Brewing (@) Moonshine

A few weeks ago, Los and I decided to stop by Moonshine to check out what the beers are tasting like nowadays. It had been a while since we stopped in and, honestly, up until that point we were not huge fans of their beer.

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Collaborations Galore!

Being part of the homebrew circle here in Chicago has given us the opportunity to meet some awesome people that share the same love for beer that we have. Lately we got the opportunity to brew with a few of our fellow beer heads. Here is a brief rundown of what went down and the beers that have been created. 

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Join us at Brew Springsteen on April 7, 2012, RSVP to the email below for more information. 

Join us at Brew Springsteen on April 7, 2012, RSVP to the email below for more information. 

Hopfenstark @ Local Option, March 2012

let’s see if i can remember the list of insanely awesome beers i drank @ Local Option last night - beers are listed in order of consumption:

Against the Grain/Mikkeller - Bloody Show
Local Option - Anthony of Bourdainia
Hopfenstark - Baltic Porter De L’Ancrier
Hopfenstark - Belgian IPA
Three Floyds - Zimmerian Sabertooth Beserker
Hopfenstark - Belgian IPA (so good i got it again)


Brew Ho Ho 2012

Brew Ho Ho 2012